Perch & Play the Natural Way

With a selection of parrot perches and bird toys which are
Shaped by Nature, Crafted by Hand

Alba with her new toy perch, albeit it the toy is upside down. He he
Just click on Alba's Picture to see her new full length perches
 Parrot Perches
We can make to order so that you are never limited by what you see available in the shop 
Natural Parrot Perches with Stainless Steel Fittings
For that back to nature experience
complete with Stainless Steel Fittings for peace of mind 

Colourful safe parrot toys to suit all beaks   Colourful 2 tier parrot swing in natural willow and leather    Safe toy making parts for parrots of all sizes
Parrot Toys        Parrot Swings   Safe Toy Making Parts

Perfectly Natural Perching solutions and more
for Budgies to Macaws. 

These feet belong to Alba, a Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Albas feet on the dowel perch supplied with the cage  Alba's feet on the birch perch we hand crafted for her 
 Before: on the supplied dowel perch   After: on our natrual wooden birch perch

  So whether you are looking for a full length, regular or cage top perch, look no further, our Hand Crafted perches can be made to any size, for maximum roosting and preening comfort.
We can also tailor make Toys to suit the needs of individual beaks.

All fittings, including the thread are Stainless Steel.

Custom Cut Full Length Perches

Full length parrot perch with natural contours
What ever your requirements, just get in touch and we will work with you to come up with the perfect perch for your Parrot

Did you know there was an optimal roosting diameter and that we can tailor make a perch to suit your individual Feathered Friend?

For optimal Roosting it is suggested that there should be a 75% wrap around with the addition of a larger and smaller diameter for preening.

Given the exact foot span we can work out the perfect roosting diameter for your Parrot.

As most of your Feathered Friends will probably not be too happy having their foot span measured (from the largest front talon to the largest back talon) why not ask your Avian Vet when you next visit.

Parrot Toys  

A selection of all natural or colourful toys that can be thoroughly destroyed instead of just being ornamental. 
                              Chunky Cascade for Medium to Large Parrots 

Parrot Swings 

A great way of creating entertainment for outside of the cage.  Whether you opt for a natural one or a colourful one, we will pre drill holes so you can add to it.

Colourful 2 tier parrot swing in natural willow and leather
With pre drilled holes throughout, just add your parrots favourite shredding parts
A bit of Balsa and hard wood bead  Simple paper rope   Some pine shapes

Safe Bells for Parrots

 At last a bell that is safe for your birds. Made from Stainless Steel with a clapper than can not be removed.
 stainless steel parrot bells
 These are made by Paradise Toys (formerly Featherland)

Natural Foot Toys 

Am liking this paper stick foot toy
 Ash enjoying a natural foot toy made 100% foodgrade paper and it's chunky enough to keep even the largest beaks busy for a while.





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