Safety First

All products used in our Perches, Stands and Toys are non-toxic and have been carefully researched for safety.

  • All materials are properly sanitized in our workshop.
  • All our wood is sourced from pesticide free areas and deemed to be safe for Companion Birds.
  • We use the finest quality natural vegetable tanned leather. NO Oak is used in the process!
  • We use natural untreated sisal rope.
  • All hardware on our perches & stands that come into contact with your bird are stainless steel. NO Zinc!
  • All hardware on our toys are stainless steel. NO Zinc!

*No Toy is 100% Safe 

The safety of your companion bird is your responsibility. Parrots are playful, inquisitive and mischievous and require your constant guardianship to keep them safe. Practicing toy safety is only one of your important roles when it comes to your bird. By performing the following recommendations you will go a long way towards maintaining a safe environment for your bird:

  • Purchase toys that are appropriate for your bird’s size and activity level.  Rings that are too large can be places where heads can get stuck, components that are too small can be easily broken and the pieces swallowed

*Check toys daily for frayed rope in which your bird could get entangled. Trim back the frays, replace the rope or replace the toy.

  • To be extra safe always supervise your bird while playing with his toys. This is especially important when new toys are introduced; watch your bird until you are sure he is interacting safely with his new toy.
  • The purpose of a toy is to be destroyed; Check for broken, sharp or otherwise dangerous parts continuously, destroyed toys should be replaced entirely or replace damaged components individually as needed.

*Check for loose parts on toys continuously.

  • If your bird likes to soak his toys, please realize this can promote bacterial growth. Discard toy or thoroughly clean and dry completely.
  • When hanging toys always make sure they are hung close to the surface from which they are hung. This is done to prevent there being enough rope or chain in which your bird can become entangled and even hang itself.
  • Continuously monitor toys as components are chewed to keep an eye on the length of rope or chain which may begin to lengthen.
  • Don’t overcrowd your bird’s cage with toys.

*Please remember no toy is 100% safe. Always supervise your bird with a new toy.

The best way to gauge a toy’s level of safety is to monitor your bird with the toy for the first few days.  Remove the toy when you go out and put it back in the cage when you are home.  With certain toys, it is best to always remove them when you are not supervising the bird.  Use common sense when deciding which toys are safe for your pet, and if you have any doubts about a toy’s safety, remove it immediately. 


Common Hazards

Rope & Cord
The 2 most common problems are strangulation & entanglement, both are easily avoidable. Know your Bird and their play habits!
Keep all cords and ropes cut short enough so they can not create a noose around the birds neck, (the thinner the rope, the shorter it needs to be). Fraying rope and cord are also dangerous because your bird may become caught in them, resulting in death or injury.
Check All Toys Daily

Strings and Threads
Many toys our birds love to play with (even their favourite household items) may contain fine string or threads. These should always be used as an out of the cage toy, with supervision. Even then, according to how some birds play, these may need to be avoided!
Check All Toys Daily

Fabrics can be hazardous to any bird, especially smaller birds with fine toe nails. 
All fabric toys should be used as "Out of Cage" toys under supervision. Cotton fabrics are woven threads that will unravel and easily become tangled around your birds toes & feet. You won't even notice this until swelling has occurred & by then it can be too late.
Use extra caution with all fabrics including your cage covers


  • Some Quick links used by some Bird Toy Manufacturers may be zinc plated. Our's are not.
  • Some of the chain used may also be zinc plated. Our's are not.
  • Some fixtures may be zinc plated, Our's are not.  If the manufacturer does not specifically state otherwise and you are at all concerned we can offer an inexpensive solution to this. See our fixings section.


No toy is 100% safe. Please watch your birds around toys.