Why Choose a Wooden Perch

What could be more natural than furnishing your Feathered Friends habitat, in and out of the cage, with perches made from bird safe wood. 

In the wild parrots are agile climbers, their feet grasping everything from thick tree limbs to small vines, enabling them to move rapidly through trees. They instinctively spend their days socializing, preening, roosting and chewing on a variety of different branches where textures and sizes constantly vary. 

In the wild parrot beaks are trimmed and worn down on abrasive surfaces, such as tree bark or branches.

Our natural wood perches help to replicate this experience. Due to their irregular surface they aid in exercising the muscles of the feet and maintaining a healthy beak. 

  • Our Perches are irregular in shape and size, unlike the standard machine turned dowel perch which is perfectly round, smooth and supplied in 90% of cages as standard.
  • Our Perches can be made to any size, to suit any bird and any cage, unlike those available in pet shops or on line, which are mass produced in limited diameters and lengths.
  • Our Perches are made from wood harvested from pesticide free sources right here in the UK, unlike the majority of high street perches which are imported.
  • Our Perches come with stainless steel fixings as standard, unlike most shop bought perches.

Read more on where our wood comes from, what we do to make it safe, the importance of correct sizing and cleaning tips by clicking on the links throughout the shop.