Special Needs

Does your Parrot have special needs due to an injury, deformity or arthritis?

Then let us help.



Happy New Year,

all you lovely Beaks and Parronts.


We are back on the 8th of Jan 

 and although we are keeping the 6 week lead time in place, we'll be getting stuck straight into all the orders and will have them winging their way to you as soon as possible.


 Karen & Darran

Perch & Play the Natural Way 

Hand Crafted here in the UK 

Natural Perches & Toys as Individual and Unique as your Feathered Friends

Tailored Perches for all Birds from Finches to Macaws & everything in between 

Remedial Solutions for Disabled Parrots

Quirky, Innovative Toys that can be personalised

Bespoke Perching or Cage Solutions

We always love to hear about your Companion Parrot and we can adapt or create products to suit them. 

Our little shop is evolving because you ask “CAN YOU”

Email [email protected]


 Natural Perching Solutions

 Finches to Macaws. 

Whether: Full Length, Single Fit, Forked or Flat

For: Inside, Outside or Cage Top

These feet belong to Alba, a Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Albas feet on the dowel perch supplied with the cage  Alba's feet on the birch perch we hand crafted for her 
 Before: on the supplied dowel perch   After: on our natural wooden birch perch  

Bespoke Custom Made Service

Bespoke Parrot Perching UK
Tailor Made Birch Play Top Perch for the Montana Hacienda


Hand Crafted Budgie Swings UK

Swings created for Foraging, Rest and Play, with pre drilled holes just waiting to be filled with Shredders and Treats.

Foraging Fun

Cage Mounted Foraging UK
Cage Mounted, Free Standing or Platform Foraging

Toys & Toy Making Parts

Macaw toys and toy making kits UK
Whatever the beak size, whether young, old, with special needs or even just an aversion to a certain colour we are happy to help.

Safe Bells for Parrots

Stainess Steel Parrot Bells 
 At last a bell that is safe for your birds. Made from Stainless Steel with a clapper that can not be removed. BUT they do come with a WARNING.

Hi Karen, I think the bell may have to come back,
Jo rings it for service, usually when he wants to come out or we are ignoring him.  In the morning if I don't come straight to say Hello to him he starts to ring it!   Lol
IT is brilliant, thank you.
Stainless Steel Budgie Bells

Natural Foot Toys 

Am liking this paper stick foot toy
 Ash enjoying a natural foot toy made of 100% food grade paper and it's chunky enough to keep even the largest beaks busy for a while.

Thank You for popping into our little shop
We hope you will like what you see and will get in touch if there is anything you think we can help you with, no matter how big or small, we are approachable, open minded and always up for a challenge.

Unique Hand Craft Parrot Accessories
That just leaves Indi to give us her version of the thumbs up. 





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