Special Needs

Does your Parrot have special needs due to an injury, deformity or arthritis?

Then let us help.

Our Materials

Harvested Wood

Please refer to where our wood comes from which explains its source, what we do with it to make it safe and how we classify it.

Sourced Wood

Where ever possible we use our own harvested wood but there are a few exceptions.

Kiln Dried Pine, soft & regular which we source from our own local wood merchant. We use this for our blocks & cubes as we found that the leading brand available in the UK was made of such a soft form of pine (possibly spruce) that it wasn't cost effective for our Amazon who made short work of them.

Solid Birch Washers: We found it impossible to source large stainless steel washers and we are not prepared to compromise on safety so these seemed an excellent alternative.

Solid Birch Shapes: As we hand craft all our harvested wood, unfortunately we do not have the capability of producing perfectly shaped items like balls, hearts etc.

Balsa Wood: We use the highest grade, which has had nothing added.

We have been assured by our suppliers that these items are completely natural with no chemicals or natural preservatives used in their manufacture.

Metal Components

All of our metal components that are exposed to your Companion Bird are stainless steel.

Some of our components used within products are zinc plated(BZP) . We use these for the following reasons.

  • They do not come into contact with you Companion Bird. Ie. wood inserts & castors on bases.
  • They have been impossible to source competitively in the UK or they are not available.


All of our sourced rope is natural and untreated. Our supplier has confirmed that there is no creosote used in the manufacture of this product unlike some conventional rope suppliers.


We use a safe food grade dye specially designed for parrots. Being water based colours will run when wet.

Sea Shells

We obtain our sea shells from two sources. Hand-picked from sea lochs on the West Coast of Scotland, and from a local 5 star restaurant. All shells are then submerged in a stainless steel gabian basket in our fresh water burn for a minimum of one week. This ensures they are adequately rinsed of salt water. The shells are then washed in a mild anti-bacterial solution, thoroughly rinsed and disinfected with F10 prior to use.