Special Needs

Does your Parrot have special needs due to an injury, deformity or arthritis?

Then let us help.

Useful Links

The following links are for companies or sites that hold a personal interest for us as "Bird Nuts", they are in no particular order and any comments we put along side are based on our own thoughts or experiences.

Parrot Sites 
Featherd Friends

This is a great site on Facebook run by Bird Lovers for Bird Lovers. There is always plenty of useful information posted, regular competitions not to mention great pictures and personal experiences shared. They are a really friendly and welcoming group so well worth taking a look.

Feathered Friends now have a website with fantastic recipes, foraging ideas, safety tips, links to rescues, adoption/rehoming as well as a list of Avian Vets. So worth a look.

Their Website

The Budgerigars Forum

We always love to help out with advice, where we can BUT we are not Avian Experts and luckily for us we are able to point our Budgie Customers Parronts in the direction of this great forum.
Run by Marianne Marlow and her flock, Hector, Roswell, Basil, Blithe, Billybob, JoJo, Sky, George, & Custard.

For anyone looking for advice, tips or just being able to chat with like minded people, you will find the memebers friendly, with a wealth of information and helpful advice that they are more than happy to share. There are competions and enough pictures to give you a cuteness overdose......he, he

The Parrot Club 
A friendly UK based forum with an active membership from right across the globe - a place to talk about parrots and parrot care, with lots of reference guides and helpful advice and tips. New members welcome - joining and participation is free.
The site is privately hosted, run and funded by the Admin & Moderation team, and has no advertising banners.  Any Supplier recommendations are through trusted personal experience.

Parrot Alert

Although we are lucky that we have not  needed their services to date, we have registered with them. We get regular e-mails of any parrots lost or stolen within our area, so that we may share this information. It costs nothing to register and if you are ever in the situation where you need their services, think how relieved you will be knowing that you are not alone in your search. There are thousands of people that will happily share the information through Face Book, or put up posters if in their immediate area, as this is one thing all Parronts dread.

Their Facebook Page

The Little Bird Nursery

Wow, what an amazing service and we happen to know this lovely Parront. They offer a hand rearing service for chicks that otherwise wouldn't survive. Whether chicks have been abandoned by their parents or are just not thriving as they should, they are an emergency service for breeders and owners. Based in Huddersfield, they can collect (within 15 miles) or you can drop chicks off to them.  

Their Facebook Page

Parrot Boarding
Sheila's Feathered Friends Boarding   Liverpool

Sheila is the founder of Feathered Friends, which helps so many Parront’s worldwide with an array of information and shared experiences and her emphasis is firmly on the welfare and safety of our precious companions so it is not only wonderful but for any prospective boarders, reassuring that they will get the very best of care.

Fully insured, with a full spectrum of lighting available, not to mention fresh fruit and vegetables daily and loving interaction, this really will be a home from home, holiday experience for your Parrot/s, regardless of size.

Limited placing available as Sheila provides a very personal service catered to her individual guests.

For more information please contact Sheila direct[email protected]

Toos Nest  Maidstone, Kent

We were really blessed having a Parrot Sitter on hand. in the form of Darran's nephew Sam. Sadly he left the Bonny Banks and headed home to Norfolk and we have not had a holiday let alone a weekend away since. 
So if you are in or around the Kent area, and like us, in need of a weekend break or some time out in the sun, then be sure to get in touch with Gail, as Too's Nest could be the answer to your prays.

 Parrot Companies
The Birdcare Company

We just found them really approachable and helpful when looking for advice. We have always got a pot of Guardian Angle in the cupboard especially as the Tiels do have nightfrights, we use their Aviclens for soaking our seeds, as well as their Calcivit and Essential Vitiams as a regular part of our husbandry. As every parrot has different needs be sure to seek advice.

Something for the Furries
Manor Pet Housing

Much to our surprise, we have had more than a few Furry customers of late, so with them in mind, we have added this link to the most amazing, unique creations for Bunnies I have ever seen. All hand crafted right here in the UK.

If you just need a dose of cuteness, check out their FB page, where their customers are only too happy to pose in thier Hides, Thrones and Penthouses.

Their Facebook Page



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