Special Needs

Does your Parrot have special needs due to an injury, deformity or arthritis?

Then let us help.

About Us

We are just a small family run business but rather than this, creating limitations for us, it liberates us.

If you have ever felt frustrated because you thought you had found:

  • the perfect perch only to realise that the size is not quite right
  • the great looking toy, that is either too big for the intended cage or play stand
  • the ideal sized toy that turns out to be made of materials that are either too tough for you bird to get its beak into or too soft that it is destroyed in no time.

Well, we have been there too and because of this we take great pleasure in the fact that we can offer you tailor made perches and toys to suit your individual and very unique companion parrot.

Our Inspiration for setting up the company was Milo our beloved little Grey Cockatiel.

It all started when we had such a problem sourcing natural perches and toys for our adorable Milo. We also wanted areas outside of his cage that would be great for him to play and forage and yet still in keeping with a modern home.

Our aim is to create, unique, quirky parrot toys and perches for all your parrots to enjoy, using responsibly sourced and safe timber.

Our experience comes from Darran being a qualified arborist with a passion for woodland conservation, not to mention 20 years of crafting experience.

We are based on the Bonny Banks of Loch Long well known for it’s clean air and low pollution levels.

Our team is small but effective, most importantly are the testers, Ernie our Blue Fronted Amazon, Albi, Lottie & Flexi our Grey Tiels & Storm our White Faced Tiel, the aborist & harvester, Darran, the general all rounder, Karen (myself),

My apologies for the lack of pictures of our own boys. Aside from the fact that they are not keen on the camera and will more often than not turn theirs backs on me as soon as it's produced,  I have a simple battery operated camera which seems to be out of juice more often than not. It dosen't get any better on the mobile front, which is quite dated with shocking image quality.

Note to Self: Must do better

     Ernie aka Big Boy    


 Felix aka Jedward    Storm aka Noisy    Abli aka Uncle Albert
OMG these really do look like Mug Shots