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F10SC Super Concentrate Disinfectant 100ml

F10SC Super Concentrate Disinfectant 100ml


The most versatile safe cleaning product for your parrots

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Our Feathered Friends spend much of their time standing, walking, and climbing on perches. Since bird perches are almost always made of wood, they can harbour bacteria that a surface cleaning will not eliminate.

This is especially true when using natural perches with the bark intact, although these are superior to dowel perches in every other way. .

Having researched this topic on several websites and avian forums there appear to be many tips on cleaning perches, toys and rope, ranging from hot water with washing up liquid, Bleach, Grapefruit Seed Extract, to putting items in the dishwasher.

We use the F10 range readily available from Northern Parrots which is available in wipes, ready to use sprays and concentrated form.

F10 Super Concentrate Disinfectant

Totally safe for all pets and people. Used and recommended by vets worldwide.

F10 Super Concentrate is by far the safest, most effective disinfectant we`ve ever come across - and it`s highly economical as well.

Specialist avian veterinarians, breeders and owners around the world trust F10, here`s why you should too.

* F10 is extremely effective against avian diseases such as Avian Flu, PBFD and Psittacosis, and destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Contact times are shorter making application easier.

*F10 is non-toxic and biodegradable and will not corrode metals or irritate the eyes or even abraded skin. In fact the latest EU ecological hazard tests assigned it a "zero hazard" rating.

* Use F10 for just about everything - disinfecting floors, cages, perches and toys; food preparation areas (including as a food rinse); inside the incubator, washing eggs and decontaminating hands.

* F10 can be applied as a fog or fine spray to mist rooms to eradicate airborne microbes such as fungal spores and viruses or when ill birds shed infected material to prevent cross contamination.

Be sure to read the instructions.

Quaternary ammonium and biguanidine compounds (5.8%) non toxic ampholytic surtactants and sequesterants
Store below 30C in dry conditions
How to Use
Clear away loose debris.
Clean with F10SCXD cleaner if necessary and rinse off.
Dilute F10SC with clean water and apply as a wash, or through a spray or fogger and leave to dry as follows
For general disinfection of hard surfaces and food containers to kill bacteria and yeasts - 2ml in 1 litre (1:500)
For high level disinfection of hard surfaces, equipment and air spaces to kill bacteria, yeasts, fungi and most viruses - 4ml in 1 litre (1:250)
For use against the most resistant viruses e.g. PBFD and Parvovirus - 8ml in 1 litre (1:125)
The concentrate has a 3 year shelf life from the date of manufacture and the diluted solution can be kept for at least 6 months providing it has not been contaminated in any way.