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Alba's Perch

Alba is a beautiful and very lively Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo who had recently been adopted. She is an ex show bird who originated from Italy. Her name means Sunrise/White.

She came in cage suitable for her size, and although she spends most of her time out of it, with her new Mum, it was important to Mandie that while she was in her cage she had more width to accommodate toys and space to roam. Having spent a small fortune the cage arrived and was perfect in every aspect except for the perches.

Unfortunately even the largest of cages seem to come with a standard sized perch which isn't always suited to the parrot the cage is designed for and Alba ended up with 2 perches that would have better suited to a medium bird.

Alba on her trial perch getting stuck into some serious shredding
 Alba is currently sitting on a thickest knobbly part of the branch which we took into account.
As Mandie wasn't sure of Alba's foot span, we started by making this toy perch with the diameter varying from 4.6cm to 5.9cm. It was an instant hit with Alba, albeit, Mum initially attached it with the toy upside down.

Mandie was then able to observe Alba on her new perch and check how her feet were positioned. Happy that the perch allowed a 50% grip we were able to source 2 nice pieces of Birch in preparation for the full length ones.

And here are the results.

Full length natural wood perches for Albas new cage
Both perches vary in diameter from 4.7cm to 5.5cm and weigh approx 1.5kg with a length of 99.5cm
Our natural wood perch compared to the dowle perch that came with the cage
Our perch above compared to the dowel perch below (or as Mandie likes to call it "the broom pole")
Gorgeous Alba testing the new perch Mum showing off how tanned she is as well as showing the thickness of the perch and Alba's foot span
Alba testing the perch prior to installation  Alba's foot span and the thickness of our perch
Natural wooden perches not only look fabulous but the contours really do give a great foot work out This natural wooden perch will certainly give Alba plenty of exercise
Plenty of natural contours for Alba to explore  The natural curve will offer a great foot work out
Alba's feet on the dowel perch supplied with the cage Alba's feet on the birch perch we hand crafted for her
 Alba on her dowel perch which is too small for her   Alba on our natural wooden perch
Alba on the dowel perch supplied with her new cage

 Alba on the dowel perch that was supplied with the cage

Alba received her perches on Saturday and we had an e-mail on Sunday morning to say that Alba was found the following morning hanging upside down and rocking her head from side to side while chatting away to her Mum. She never did this with her old perches, so I think they are a big hit all round. I just hope Mandie manages to capture this on film. he he





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