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Does your Parrot have special needs due to an injury, deformity or arthritis?

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Stainless Steel M6 50mm Bolt Fixing Set 25OD

Stainless Steel M6 50mm Bolt Fixing Set 25OD


A safe way for attaching your parrot toys to the cage

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If you do have any doubts about your existing fixings, then we can offer a cost effective way to ensure that you have peace of mind.

These Stainless Steel fixings are ideal for adding attaching toys to your cage. Just be sure to check your original fixings for size as there are a lot on the market that are made with the imperial measurements.

Suitable for all cages with bar spacing’s no larger than 2cm, such as budgie or Cockatiel cages.

Each pack contains

1 x M6 50mm Bolt

2 x M6 Washers with a 25mm Outside Diameter

1 x M6 Wingnut

M6 fits an 6mm thread diameter.

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