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Foot Toy 2 Bead Knotty for Medium to Large Parrots

Foot Toy 2 Bead Knotty for Medium to Large Parrots


Safe fun, for feet & beaks

:  at  £2.45  each

Knotty Bead is a simple foot toy combo of Natural Veg Tanned Leather and Acrylic Beads.  It's easy to pick up, even for those parrots just getting acquainted with the pleasures of a foot toy and those large beaks will be sure to enjoy getting into the knots.

Colours and bead shapes will vary.

This is a 2 Bead Knotty, whereas Indi below is holding the 3 Bead Bead Knotty.

Foot toy with beads and VT leather

Indi is a young Congo African Grey and we initially made this 3 Bead simple foot toy for her as we thought it would be easy for her to get to grips with.

Her co-ordination wasn't quite 100% but she took to it straight away and it has become her favourite foot toy.

Quantity - 1

Approx Dimensions:

Length: 15cm 

Width: 2cm 

Materials -  Veg Tanned Leather, Acrylic Beads

Suitable for - Medium to XL Large Parrots

Please note: The acrylic beads may not be suitable for Extra Large Parrots depending on their individual beak strength and play habits so please give under supervision.

Size Guide

Please note: We have found no definitive list for size guidance and some parrot types will fall into other categories, please know your bird or seek assistance from your avian vet. If in any doubt contact us, as we are always happy to help.

Mini Birds - Budgies, Lovebirds, Parrotlets and similar sized birds.

Small Birds - Cockatiels, Grey Cheeks, Small Lories, Green Cheek Conure, Black Cap Conure, Maroon Bellied Conure, Caique, Quaker Parrot and similar sized birds.

Medium Birds - Ringneck, Senegal, Large Lories, Yellow Collar Macaw, Hahn's Macaw, Severe Macaw, Sun Conure, Blue Crown Conure, Pionus, Rose Breasted Cockatoo and similar sized birds. 

Large Birds - Congo Greys, Blue Front Amazon, Timneh Grey, Yellow Crown Amazon, Yellow Nape Amazon, Eclectus, Red Front Macaw, Bare-eyed Cockatoo, Ducorps Cockatoo and similar sized birds.

Extra Large Birds - Umbrella Cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoo, Triton Cockatoo, Blue & Gold Macaw, Green Wing Macaw, Scarlet Macaw and similar sized birds.

The above classifications are for guidance only. Please know your Parrot and their individual habits.

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