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The Loft Conversion for Mini to Small Parrots

The Loft Conversion for Mini to Small Parrots


Perfect for tall cages or flights where you can create an additional play area

:  at  £24.95  each

The Loft Conversion  came about when we were asked to help 5 little Budgie Friends who all wanted to play together in their Lofty Flight Cage.

We love it when Parronts ask "Can you" and then put their trust in us to come up with a workable solution.

This takes a little imagination, granted but think of this perch system placed up high in a corner of a tall cage, there is room for a cage mounted toy or two, several hanging toys, mini cage bar shredders and 1.2 Meters of perching for the crew to hop, skip and jump about on. It even offers easy access to swings.

Made to order so please allow 14 working days for dispatch.

If you need a practical solution to a perching problem just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Budgie Play Gym offers an extra play level
Budgie Play Perch

We know it doesn't look like your average loft conversion but it is a great way for adding hanging toys and cage mounted toys in large, tall cages and flights where often the space available is not fully utilized.

"When George and Winnie lost their faithful buddy Earnest, they were a little down in the dumps. Then the Newby's arrived in the form of Matilda, Ozzy & Tulip".

After a period of adjustment, they soon became firm friends and when it came to playing, group participation was suddenly the order of the day.

So, we just hope that this creation will  help in allowing them the space to  "Play, Rest and Preen" together.

Wood Classification: Hard Wood - Harder wearing for those large parrots that love to destroy.

Suitable for: Mini to Small Parrots

Dimensions can be adjusted to suit.

Approx Dimensions: Length: 30cm, Width: 30cm (at longest points)

                                    Diameter: 1.5cm to 2.5cm or to suit

Fixings: Stainless Steel - 4 x Washers, 2 x Wingnut, 2 x Thread
          BZP - 2 x Insert - This is inserted into the base and is covered entirely by the main perch so it will not come into contact with your parrots beak.
Please check out these links for our info pages on, Safe wood guide, Birch, where our wood comes from, which also covers how we make it safe, our materialsperch size guide and helpful cleaning tips.

Size Guide

Please note: We have found no definitive list for size guidance and some parrot types will fall into other categories, please know your bird or seek assistance from your avian vet. If in any doubt contact us, as we are always happy to help.

Mini Birds - Budgies, Lovebirds, Parrotlets and similar sized birds.

Small Birds - Cockatiels, Grey Cheeks, Small Lories, Green Cheek Conure, Black Cap Conure, Maroon Bellied Conure, Caique, Quaker Parrot and similar sized birds.

Medium Birds - Ringneck, Senegal, Large Lories, Yellow Collar Macaw, Hahn's Macaw, Severe Macaw, Sun Conure, Blue Crown Conure, Pionus, Rose Breasted Cockatoo and similar sized birds. 

Large Birds - Congo Greys, Blue Front Amazon, Timneh Grey, Yellow Crown Amazon, Yellow Nape Amazon, Eclectus, Red Front Macaw, Bare-eyed Cockatoo, Ducorps Cockatoo and similar sized birds.

Extra Large Birds - Umbrella Cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoo, Triton Cockatoo, Blue & Gold Macaw, Green Wing Macaw, Scarlet Macaw and similar sized birds.

The above classifacations are for guidence only. Please know your Parrot and their individual habits.


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