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Colourful Crinkle Paper 110g Bag by Super Bird Creations

Colourful Crinkle Paper 110g Bag by Super Bird Creations


Perfect for revamping a toy your bird has lost interest in

:  at  £7.95  each

All Parrots seem to love shredding paper and it can be a great distraction for over preeners.

You can incorporate it into a new toy, revamp an existing one or simply pop it into foraging boxes.

An easy and cost effective way of injecting some interest back into a toy that your bird has become bored with.

Suitable for all parrots, from the smallest to the largest of your Feathered Friends but the stronger the beak the quicker it will disappear.

Quantity - This pack contains approx 4oz - 110g
                   20cm x 15cm x 8cm

Materials -  Paper

Suitable for - All Parrots

Just a thought...
Crinkle is perfect for adding to toys that may not have much of a shred factor and it is amazing how a few little bundles of around 10 strands can completely transform it and creat renewed interest.



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