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Starburst  Cage Mounted Shredding Toy

Starburst Cage Mounted Shredding Toy


Great for light shredders whether in, out or on their home

Fitting Style:

:  at  £13.95  each

Made to order, if showing out of stock, please get in touch

Starburst, is just bursting with colourful, highly shreddable Crinkle and Palm Sticks......an utter joy for preening and or destroying.

Ideal for all beaks that are light shredders.

Cage Mounted, it can be attached to the side bars, roof bars, in or out of their home.

Made to order so please allow 14 working days for dispatch.

Created Dec 2021 by the request of Zazu along with a variety of different versions.


Quantity -  1 

Approx Dimensions -20cm from Fixing x 26cm 

Materials - Cardboard, Palm Leaf, Paper, Acrylic & Stainless Steel

Suitable for - Mini to Large Parrots.

Shreddability - Highly Shreddable.

Shredding toys for parrots-Cage Mounted Starburst-14-12- 21
 Shredding toy for budgies-palm sticks-birdie bagels-cage mounted-20220525_G

 Aster and Gwen May 2022

the girls are loving this! It's even big enough that they can share without squabbling.
The boys like to poke at it a bit too, but Gwen and Aster are totally in their element.
Aster is on the top and Gwen in the ring, he, he



Little Patrick July 2022
enjoying some post bath perching on his Starburst.

Just loving how versatile this is.

Bless his little Beak.



Shredding toys for budgies-cage mounted Starburst-crinkle stuffed palm sticks

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