Special Needs

Does your Parrot have special needs due to an injury, deformity or arthritis?

Then let us help.

Table Top Perches - Our Shop

 Our Slate Table Top Perches are made to order so please don't feel limited by the current options we are showing as we are always happy to adapt the dimmensions and toy combos to suit your individual feathered friends.

Prices from £22.95 




Love Bird table top perch Table top bird stand for lovebirds & budgies
Nolen has plenty to keep him entertained on his new stand Quirky Hazel filled with easy to shred toy parts


Senegal Table Top Perch Charlie On his table top stand
A high perch made for Charlie Senegal.  Charlie looking Handsome


Table Top Budgie Perch what is this thing.
  OMG what have you bought me now.
Budgie table top perch Budgie perches
I can't even bear to look, is it going to eat me. No, oh well I might as well take a bite of it then. 

Table top perch for cockatiels George and Edmund
   George & Edmund getting a feel for  the new stand

 Made for a Blue Quaker Greys
 Made to order for the arrival of a little Quaker Made to order for an African Grey

Tracey Rayner  Table Top Perch
 With Bertie & Tweety  

Table top parrot perch with shreddable bird toys Ollie can now look in the mirror with her new perch.
  Ollie Chilling in her favourite place