Special Needs

Does your Parrot have special needs due to an injury, deformity or arthritis?

Then let us help.

Fresh Willow Perches - Our Shop

Yvonne at the Island Parrot Sanctuary is a Parrot Behaviour Consultant and in her own words this is what she thinks of willow.

"At the Island Parrot Sanctuary we use many natural toys and quality perches and over the years we have used Willow in all aviaries and cages. The benefits we have seen have been fantastic. Combined with a good diet and the proper size cages, Willow can make a huge difference to the mental health of the parrots in our care. If offered with bark on and nice and green the birds can strip the bark, chewing and gnawing at the wood. If you have a plucking bird that has been to an avian vet and is on the correct diet, try using Willow, peel the bark back a little bit to get your bird started, sit back and watch him shred it. There are many articles on the healing properties of Willow but as I am no scientist I cannot tell you much about that. I know it contains many beneficial properties but I will leave you to Google it and find out yourself. At the sanctuary our birds shred it on a daily basis. One little bird has just come in and she spends her time jumping between her new Bertha-Hope bell and the willow we put in for her. With it being so versatile we use it for perching, foot toys and also weave it through the cages. Spice up their life by giving them a bit of nature."

Not only will your Feathered Friends get great enjoyment out of shredding the bark, you will also be helping all the beautiful parrots at the Sanctuary.

 Below are Buster & Topsy enjoying their fresh willow perches.

Buster on his fresh willow perch  Topsy on her fresh willow perch